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Contribution and Donation

Contribute to our Work

As an individual or as an organization – corporate or non-commercial and not-for-profit, you are invited to learn how your assistance – financial and otherwise – can benefit all of what we are doing with youth and adults.

MIRNOVA is non-commercial and not-for-profit (501c(3) application in process for USA). We are very particular and emphatic about using any funds, earned or contributed, in the most prudent and sensible manner, with a fraction of revenues going toward administrative or fund-raising activities. What You Contribute Goes to the Project Work – and we will be happy to disclose our financial accounting with prospective sponsors and supporters.

and very significantly, we are seeking to meet Upstanding, Serious, Philanthropic SPONSORS and SUPPORTERS. That may be you, reading this, or it may be someone you know and who respects You.

MIRNOVA is supported by sponsors, contributors, grantors, and contractors. These are defined here:

Contributor – individual or organization (generally individuals, companies and non-profit organizations) that donates funds or in-kind-value contributions. MIRNOVA Foundation then uses the contribution accordingly. A contributor receives acknowledgment, potential tax-deductions for the contribution, and one of several types of gifts in response to the contribution(s). These vary according to the amount(s) of the contribution(s). A contribution may be made with a directive by the contributor that the donation is used for some particular functions or class of functions.

Grantor – individual or organization (generally an organization, either private or public) that provides a specific grant which includes funds and optionally other in-kind-value, for MIRNOVA to use on some specific grant-focused activity. That activity may be quite general and open-ended, or it may be very specific, such as a particular educational, research, or communication project. Terms will vary according to the grant specifications. Grantors do not receive gifts, only the deliverables according to the grant terms.

Contractor – individual or organization generally an organization, and usually a for-profit company or a public agency) that provides payment and other deliverables in return for certain work services provided by MIRNOVA. These will typically involve consulting services or advertising services. Consulting may be in the form of subject matter expertise, expert witness work, retained consulting, and may be very precise and one-time contracts or longer-term, open-ended, diversified. Advertising will typically be the inclusion (placement) and running of various media adverts in connection with in-print or online or in-person activities (e.g., YouTube interviews, presentations, lectures), onsite auditorium/classroom events, websites, etc.).

Sponsor – individual or organization (generally a private non-profit organization) that contributes a substantive amount of funding and potentially also in-kind-value contributions to MIRNOVA. This may be a one-time form of financial support or it may be sustained and/or renewable over time. Sponsors are typically supporting Mirnova in both direct financial ways and through public relations and social interactions. Sponsors may receive benefits from and through Mirnova in a variety of manners and ways, all determined by the defined contractual and legal relationships. The benefits accruing to a sponsor may include any or all of the following types:

  • Specialized pro bono consulting services
  • Access to information resources
  • Technical services
  • Access to use of intellectual properties including results from Mirnova research and development
  • Right and assignments to MIRNOVA-controlled patents
  • Media and proactive public-relation services
  • Advertising and promotion by MIRNOVA of sponsor individuals, businesses, products

MIRNOVA can be your happiest, most satisfying, most far-reaching experience as a sponsor, contributor, grantor or contractor, as a volunteer, staff member, mentor, advisor or director. Contact us with Your open mind and let us mingle and share Good Thoughts and Create a Better World Together!

Contact Us by phone, email or other internet messaging

At present we are interested to get to know You and to discuss all ways that you can support our Work –

  • financial contributions, grants and contracts</li
  • pro-bono professional services of yours or your institution
  • “in-kind” measures pertaining to facilities, equipment, travel and other resources

There are many practical and feasible ways through which you can support the work of MIRNOVA.

Thank You Very Much!

Please note that MIRNOVA is able to offer specialized consultation services to schools and institutions for planning, analysis, identification, selection and coordination of STEM and S.T.E.A.M. services, partnerships, kits (including robotic units), and other pertinent decision-making. Simply put, we have done so much over the years that we have the objective expertise to offer to You in these regards.

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