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MIRNOVA was founded in early 2017 and it grows out of an extewnsive history of prior work by different persons and groups including the two principle founders.

More information will be published on this and other pages as we proceed through our major (and massive) website and portal restructuring and editing project. Below is an older, more academic description from Summer of 2017. Please be patient! Thank you.

(This page will describe much in much more detail the socioeconomic, technical, ecological and existential problems that MIRNOVA addresses with its unique Methods and Solutions.)

At the present, the following excerpts from one of our foundational papers is presented here.

In addition, we list briefly some prior works in which some of our founding members and special mentors and expert colleagues have been involved over the years, and the sponsors and supporters of those projects.

[from Summer, 2017]
The problem we address is three-fold:

1 – There is a severe and growing gap between advanced research and development in critical emerging STEM fields such as robotics and cybernetics which increasingly serve key areas of socioeconomic growth and stability, including agriculture, healthcare, environment, energy and mass-consumer applications.

2 – There is a shortage of STEM specialists for the applications of rapidly emerging new technologies and for the education and practical training of today’s and tomorrow’s students.

3 – There are many exceptionally bright and capable students who do not acquire in-depth or sufficient experience in STEM areas that will be important for employment and professional life in the coming decades. Many will proceed into careers in business and commercial fields but without the tools and resources that can be invaluable and required for their personal success and for maximizing their useful contributions to society.

Other students are undirected and unserved in areas of education, guidance and leadership, and who have very high probability of becoming disenchanted and disenfranchised in their social and economic futures. Some will become under-employed, some will turn to negative lifestyles. Many will not actualize and realize their full potentials as individuals, as families, as contributing members of society.

MIRNOVA Academy addresses this problem with a unique Program. This consists of multi-year, team-oriented STEM projects in areas that attract youth at all levels of age (8 to 18+) and education (elementary, middle and high school), as well as adults of any and all ages. The ACADEMY Program is particularly aimed to serve students with diverse and uncertain interests and capabilities, advancing and strengthening both their intellectual education and growth and their character development. The primary objective of MIRNOVA is to cultivate soundness of mind and character, creating and sustaining value for individuals and society. Not everyone has a vocation of deep science and research. Not everyone will be an inventor, engineer, programmer or scientist. Everyone has a calling to live an honest and productive life and to make use of STEM as tools and pathways for that better life.


Prior projects and programs provide the historical, educational, professional basis, foundations and proven demonstrations of success in the methods we are following and now implementing within MIRNOVA.

These prior engagements, works and initiatives are among the projects in which members of the MIRNOVA founding Team have been involved in various direct capacities over the years – as participants, members, volunteers, staff members and/or founders and sponsors). It has been excellent for each of us to have had the opportunity to serve in such organizations.

Sponsors and supporters have included (among and in addition to those listed below): Agilent, AMD, Applied Materials, BMW, CISCO, Dominion Power, Federal Reserve Bank (USA), Giesecke-Devriant, Hospital Corporation of America, INTEL, Monsanto, Novartis, PepsiCola, ST Microelectronics (SGS-Thomson), Siemens, Solutia, Sun Microsystems, Toyota, Volkswagen, Waters Corporation.


  • Angel Coalition (anti-trafficking, women’s and children’s rights, health, safety)
  • Armstrong Renaissance Center (Richmond, Virginia (USA); 15,000 m2 high school building used for community STEAM center)
  • CommonHealthNet (IMEDNET) (world’s first internet telemedicine and medical relief network – US + RU + “CIS” states)
  • Earth University (Kellogg Foundation, Intel et al)
  • F.I.R.S.T. International Robotics Competition
  • Futures Gateway (ПОРТАЛ БУДУШЕЕ) (Avanta, Eurasia, IMF, Scholastic Press, World Bank et al)
  • INCAE Business School (Costa Rica, Harvard, Tokyo University et al)
  • INTEL science Fair (and prior history under Westinghouse Corporation)
  • LINCOS Project (MIT, Harvard, Intel, Apple, Cisco et al)
  • Math Science Innovation Center (Richmond, Virginia USA)
  • Medicine For Humanity (medical (gynecological) missions for women worldwide in remote and challenged regions; Cedars-Sinai Hospital et al)
  • Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)
  • Richmond Women’s and Children’s Health Network (first free online educational service for teens and young mothers)
  • Saño y Salvo (first women’s and children’s free internet help service in Latin America; Intel, Univ. of Costa Rica, CENAT)
  • S.H.A.K.T.I. Warriors (STEM focused upon socially disadvantaged children ages 7-13; eight major US school districts)
  • Team Rubicon (global emergency/disaster relief and reconstruction)


We are all happy to have spent so much of our time, energy, and personal wealth working for the happiness and well-being of others, worldwide, no limits.

Music is the essence of mathematics and the sciences.