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Founders and Team Leadership

MIRNOVA Leadership and Professional Community

Executive Management

Marianna Valerievna Tsepeleva – Founder and Executive Director.

Board of Directors, Board of Advisors, the community of Mentors and Fellows, and Staff Members within MIRNOVA Foundation and Academy

The Board of Directors is in process of formation. This Board will constitute the fiduciary body of individuals chosen for acumen, trust and commitment to the vision of MIRNOVA. An official announcement of new appointments will be made later this year.

The Board of Advisors consists of experts from different and complementary fields of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics, as well as from within specific disciplines of business, education, policy studies, and the social services. Also known as “the Guild, ” these individuals have breath of experience in the different facets of MIRNOVA’s programs and they offer guidance to MIRNOVA in its development of projects, Along with the Board of Directors our senior Advisors provide oversight to the all aspects of the mentor-apprentice processes of education, internship, entrepreneurship and beyond. This Board is presently in formation and official announcements will be made soon.

Mentors and Fellows are individuals with relevant and innovative subject matter expertise and skills in their fields and in the art of teaching and working with leaders. They participate in the facilitation and team leadership for courses, workshops, seminars, tutorials, and all facets of MIRNOVA Academy activity, with principal attention toward providing guidance and instruction to participant individuals and teams who are working on their projects. Mentors and Fellows (senior-level Mentors) also may be working together on certain consulting contracts and on grant-supported research and development, in conjunction with other MIRNOVA members and collaborators in other institutions.

Martin Dudziak – Science Mentor. Chief Librarian. Principal Scientist in LEAPS Laboratory (Laboratory for Emergent Adaptive Processes and Systems)


MIRNOVA adheres to classical, well-established, well-proven principles and practices of education, research, communication, and all functions of organizational management and stewardship. We regard “team participation” and “critical thinking” as essential ingredients in our processes and functions, as an organization, as a community of scholars, educators and implementors. “Peer-review” is important, not “Google citations” or some other inaccurate measures of being influencers and celebrities. MIRNOVA works for building character and sustainability, not ephermeral popularity.

Accuracy, coherence, consistency, openness, respect and discipline (the “ACCORD” principle) are our governing principles. Our focus is on the present and next generations, and those who will follow. Our commitment is to rational and classical values for our society and people’s happiness. Our tools are what we know and are skilled at using. Our goal is to help in our ways through our skills and abilities to build a stronger, happier, more intelligent society.

Music is the essence of mathematics and the sciences.