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Interns and Stewards

Our Community of Persons serving as Interns or Stewards on MIRNOVA Projects

This list is growing, so if you don’t see your name here, it is not omitted intentionally, but only a matter of the editing being done. Thanks for patience!

{ Name — Country — Active Project }

  • Oussama Baderkhane, Morocco – EcoVita (AgriBrains)
  • Mohammad Fattahi Sani, Iran – EcoVita (AgriBrains) and ASTRIC
  • S.Vahid Hamed Amirinezhad, New Zealand – EcoVita (AgriBrains)
  • Mohammad Hadi Sarajchi, Iran – EcoVita (AgriBrains) and ASTRIC
  • Joshua Siy, Philippines – EcoVita (AgriBrains)
  • Niti Madhugiri, India – EcoVita (AgriBrains) and ASTRIC

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