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Community of Mentors and Fellows

Our Community of Mentors (Fellows, Scientists, Technologists, Engineers, Teachers, Subject-Matter Experts)
Each of These Persons is a Value to Science and to Society and this list gives you an example of the quality and diversity of people we can bring to students and co-researchers on any project.

  • Paul Boyko
    [CA] Optics, vision systems, human-machine visual interaction, and neurovision therapy; founder of Vision of Canada (optometry)
  • Anna Brainina, PhD
    [RU]Biomedical engineering and clinical sensor technology
  • Larissa Brizhik
    [UA] Fellow in Physics and Biophysics: theoretical and quantum physics, quantum biology, soliton physics
  • Devra Davis, PhD
    [US] Public health, environmental sciences, women’s health studies
  • Daniel DeSalvo
    [US] Computer science, software engineering, information systems, and audio-video production for concerts and special events
  • Alexander Duchenko
    [RU] Aircraft design and flight, flight management, radio and GPS telemetry, UAV flight operations
  • Erik Dudziak
    [KO] English as Foreign Language, business and financial management education and consultancy
  • Katherine Dunn, RN, MPH, PhD
    [US] Public health, epidemiology, civic emergency response and management
  • Robert Eisler, PhD
    [US] Patent law, intellectual property management, technology transfer
  • Alexander Eremin, PhD, MD
    [RU] Cybernetics, neuroscience and industrial psychology
  • Basil Hiley, PhD
    [UK] Emeritus Fellow in Physics and Mathematics: theoretical and quantum physics
  • Jann Hines
    [US] Civil engineering, CAD, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
  • Ronald Hines
    [US] Construction management and technology, carpentry and woodwork for custom and large structures
  • Taruna Ikrar, MD
    [US, ID] Public health medicine and healthcare, neuromedicine, epidemiology
  • Lane JaBaay
    [US] Youth education, online learning systems, STEM program development, programs for disadvantaged populations
  • Laurent Jaeken, PhD
    [NL] Theoretical biology and emergent complex systems
  • Brian Josephson, PhD
    [UK] Theoretical and quantum physics, condensed matter physics
  • Robert Kastner, PhD
    [AT] Biology, agricultural science, agri-business, multi-national consortiums, science communications, artist-scientist interactivity programs
  • Stuart Kauffman, PhD
    [US] Emeritus Fellow in Theoretical Systems and Biology: complex dynamical systems, quantum computing
  • Lylas Mogk, MD
    [US] Opthalmology, clinical neurotherapy, brain injury and trauma
  • Alan Monfalcone
    [US] Software design, programming and management, large-scale information management systems
  • Nicholas Petroff
    [US] Emeritus Fellow in International Relations: Diplomacy, Multinational Inter-governmental Affairs US Foreign Service
  • Matti Pitkannen, PhD
    [FI] Theoretical and quantum physics, mathematics
  • Rachel Roman, RN
    [US] Critical and Intensive Care Nursing and Healthcare Education
  • Peter Skobelov, PhD
    [RU] Multi-agent systems, artificial intelligence, SCADA systems
  • Josep Trigo, PhD
    [ES] Astronomy and lithology of asteroids, meteors and comets
  • Marie Toft
    [US] Information systems management, software engineering, reference library publication management and editing
  • Zafar Turakalov, PhD
    [KG] Theoretical and quantum physics, soliton theory, signal processing
  • Madeleine Vedel
    [US, FR] Dairy science, dairy good production (cheese), livestock management

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