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About Us

Read the updated (May 2018) MIRNOVA Prospectus document here


MIRNOVA Academy – a non-profit, non-commercial organization dedicated to education, research and communication activities, focused upon innovative and socially-constructive projects involving youth and adults. There are four major Programs: Academy, Institute, Press and Library. Within each Program are projects that each incorporate science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEM, S.T.E.A.M.) linked with social and cultural enhancement. Project encourage and cultivate creative internship and apprenticeship opportunities for participants, who range from middle-school to university-level in classes and ages. Initially established in the Russian Federation, MIRNOVA is international in scope and includes presence and activity in USA, EU, Russia, and Korea.
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MIRNOVA Foundation – a non-profit foundation dedicated to serving the four major programs of MIRNOVA Academy and special benefits for students and other participants. Its mandate is to provide organizational and financial support and management for MIRNOVA Academy and its Programs,including affiliated institutions and partners, and scholarships.

MIRNOVA Academy Activities include:

Education Program (“S.T.E.A.M. Works”) – a cohesive suite of multi-disciplinary, multi-year projects involving teams of youth (from elementary school level through university level) as participants and as mentors, along with teachers, professors and experts. This Program is unique in its emphasis upon multi-level, multi-talent participation in Projects that are multi-year, practical (not only seasonal or annual contests), and linked closely with entrepreneurial and accelerator-type business learning and training for all participants.

Communication Program (“MIR Press”)– seminars, workshops, tutorials, and colloquia, both onsite and online, plus selective publications including internet social media, focused upon the S.T.E.A.M. topics of the Program and with strong emphasis upon socioeconomic issues and challenges. In partnership with Candeed Cue of Vienna, Austria, with Cues for Artist+Scientist Intervention and Engagement.

MIRNOVA Institute for Creative and Innovative Science (ICIS) Activities include:

Research Program (“LEAPS Lab”)– collaborative research in foundational STEM (S.T.E.A.M.) topics by teachers, professors, scientists, engineers and other professionals who are engaged also as mentors and facilitators of the Program and its Projects. Topics may be semi-independent from specific Projects or it may have close affinity with scientific questions and engineering challenges that arise through the Projects. A focal topic is NeoPlexus, the development of a (r)evolutionary new kind of quantum computer based upon trans-Turing architectures involving biomolecular principles and topological information processing.

Preservation and Innovation Program (“LIBRARIUM”)– construction and development, through the work of students and mentors, of a unique and special Library serving as a referential repository and sustainable knowledge base for “STEM” as well as Arts and Humanities researchers and educators. Principally in digital format and electronic media, but also with a physical “rare and special volumes” component, the Library is organized by topics as a “Syntopicon” and places a very strong emphasis upon critical analytical thinking, scientific method, cultural and technological diversity, and global-temporal inclusivity.


Music is the essence of mathematics and the sciences.