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Talks and Papers (Selected Sampling)

Selected Papers – Publications and White-Papers

This page will contain more documentation including video clips from different courses, workshops, and activities by students and mentors. Please be patient as we are revising our website and media.

1. The MIRNOVA Prospectus (May 2018)

2. Mirnova Four Dimensions – Offerings, Services, Opportunities
What MIRNOVA does, offers, provides to sponsors, clients, partners – December 2017

3. Selected papers and diagrams from the Librarian
Many of these papers, excerpts and diagrams here are pertinent to MIRNOVA from both Institute and Academy work and developments

4. MIRNOVA “Ubuntu” Presentation – May 2018

5. MIRNOVA Board, Partner, Sponsor, Investor, Agency Presentation – May 2018

6. Cues and cubits as Keys for Education, Training, Discovery – May 2018

7. Nous, Technos, Kyberos, Kuros – a Manifesto about S.T.E.A.M. in our Times – May 2018

8. Quantum, Space, and Complexity – a Manifesto about Science in the Present and Future – May 2018

9. MIRNOVA Academy Presentation – July 2017

9a. (Русский) Академия МИРНОВА Введение – июнь 2017 г.

10. Brains, Bots and Builders
10a.     + (abstract, in Russian) Brains, Bots and Builders

11. MIRNOVA CubeSat Project – introduction to the project goals (October 2017)

12. Astro-Robotics Olympiad and Educational UAV Robotics Kits for Education and Experimentation

13. MIRNOVA, ASTRIC, AgriBrains and the Creative Integration of Education, Research, Apprenticeship and New-Venture Entrepreneurship

14. ATHOS Hierarchical Self-Organizing Operating Environment
14a.     + (abstract, in Russian) ATHOS Hierarchical Self-Organizing Operating Environment

15. Extreme Complex Systems and Control Theory
15a.     + (abstract, in Russian) Extreme Complex Systems and Control Theory

16. MIRNOVA Academic Tutorship Consortium

17. Skills we seek in MIRNOVA mentors within the IT and computer-science areas

18. Two sample lesson plans for middle-school students in maths and physics (as supplement programs for schools and after-school leisure/learning centers)

Music is the essence of mathematics and the sciences.