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Dialectic, Dielectrics, Dada, Derivatives and Deity

Among the courses, seminars and workshops produced within MIRNOVA, and also within the development of the LIBRARY and in project work such as Ars Bio, there are some fundamental and “outstanding challenge” themes that are cultivated for intellectual and social discourse.  Some of these are very central to the issues and conflicts that have been paramount at times within our society, particularly in the 20th century and now the 21st.

The list of these “paradigm problems” will (should!) hold no surprises for any reader-thinker. We have struggled with these especially (and significantly, in greater proportion) in Western cultures, but they are actually fundamental to the human condition. They each get down to the “core” of the perennial questions asked and offered by not only people like Socrates and Plato, but by everyone who finds by choice or imposition the time to think and reflect upon the who, what, wherefore and why of his or her own life.

Among these Challenge Discussions listed here are several for which we have already held some seminars, in a semi-structured way, and certainly in the years before the formation of Mirnova. We aim to continue these, both onsite (Moscow-Zelenograd, Vienna, Barcelona, Tenerife, and other locations). The sub-themes shown here are only some that have been covered (and uncovered!) in our intense seminars and workshops, and it is wonderful to see so many powerfully creative and insightful contributions coming from youth and children of many backgrounds and cultures!

Science and Art

  • Art and the Imagination that powers it, as the source of science, technology and engineering impulses in history
  • How the four-dimensional-working Brain contributes to and constrains what we think we can do and build
  • So-called “primitive,” “paleo” and “shamanistic” art as roadsigns and guideposts to understanding how the physical universe is in the “ultra-micro-nano” and “super-mega-cosmic” places we cannot reach and perceive directly
  • Rethinkings about the origins of myth, discursive logic and reasoning, and consciousness as we think we know it (Looking back over the last 4,000 years with a fine-tooth comb
  • The Heart-Jewel of Paleolithos, Nanophysis and Cosmos – a Time-Space Slice of the Ars Bio Experience and Exhibit
  • And more…

Science and Religion

  • Why are so many of the contemporary celebrity scientists so emotionally affected, offended and riled up at the very notion of Purpose, Intention, Plan, Design, and Nature as more than reductionist mechanics?
  • The unique convergences and synergies of Spinoza, Leibniz, Newton, and Natural Philosophy
  • How four-dimensional space and the four-dimensional-working Brain are important perspectives for understanding how some things can happen and be natural and supernatural
  • Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Complex Systems, Emergence of Structure, and the Origins of Life as a necessary natural-flow-of-energy directive path in the course of the Universe
  • Science and World Religions and the absence of conflict or contradiction between them (as opposed to more extensive and even violent conflict as perceived within (mostly) mainstream media)
  • The ANDALUSIA SUMMIT – an event, multiple-times postponed, whose time has come, and MIRNOVA is honored to be able to play an instrumental part in bringing this to be. (More information on this important Summit addressing conflict and peace within the Perennial Faiths and Ways of Thinking will be presented here ASAP, and some additional information is provided below on this page.)
  • And more…

Mathematics, Art and Religion

  • Infinity – an introduction and review of Cantor, Florensky, and a Tradition that goes back at least to Pythagoras and Archimedes
  • Alchemy – focusing upon Flamel, Newton, Jung, and certain topics in modern cybernetics and control theory applied to nuclear structures within atoms, wherein there is empirical demonstration, albeit not what “popular” interpretations may pursue
  • Appetites, climates, wars, and how we think about Form and Number
  • Geometry and Topology in the Fine Arts over the past 20,000 or so years
  • The Mathematics and Topology of the Unconscious
  • Aletheia, Physis, and the Maturing of Primal Mathematics in Pythagoras, Kabbalah, Tantr and Islam
  • The Genius of Granada and the ت الحكمة‎; Bayt al-Hikma (“House of Wisdom”)
  • And more…


This is an excerpt from material written @ 2015, followed by the seminal document of 26.April.2012.


The need for what the Andalusia Accord Summit Event has never been greater or more clear and demanding. Iraq. Gaza. West Bank. Syria. Ukraine. Turkey. Thailand. Tibet. Pakistan. Sinkiang. Balkans. Sri Lanka. Sudan. Central Africa. West Africa. And More.

Bringing together some of those individuals who are Most Respected by Very Large Numbers of People in different faiths and countries and who are not the politicians or those appointed by politicians, not the richest, nor those with the most media presence or the most weapons.

Those who are respected and revered for How They Live and what they Do with their lives for People.

Those who live their faith and exemplify the highest values in their scriptures.

Those who can do what politicians and government leaders, generals, elite think-tank pundits, and major celebrities cannot do, even though many try and have made valiant efforts.


The ANDALUSIA ACCORD will now be an ongoing Series of Summit Events!

The importance of precisely what is the ANDALUSIA ACCORD for today’s World In Conflict is such that this event needs to be ongoing and actually continuous, through the Internet and the Web, and enabled by different supporters and sponsors with technology resources, but also continuous in terms of regular meetings and with both some of the same individuals as in earlier Summit meetings, and with new people, new faces, new groups, and new places.

Early-stage pre-summit meetings are now clearly needed and these are expected to begin taking place both onsite and online for the purpose of bringing together, gradually, some of the Key Principal Individuals from several countries, cultures, faiths, and societies.

26.April.2012 – the original “founding” document

The Andalusia Accord
A Proposal and a Plan of Action

Bringing together a group of social, spiritual and scientific innovators
who can build bridges between people and overcome barriers
to our security, stability, and sustainability as People of Earth

My heart has grown capable of taking on all forms
A pasture for gazelles, a convent for Christians
A temple for idols, a Kaba for the pilgrim
A table for the Torah, a book of the Koran.
My religion is love.
Which the route love’s caravan shall take,
That path shall be the path of my faith.
Ibn Arabi

“One Word of Truth Outweighs the Word” – Одно слово правды весь мир перетянет
— Александер Солженицин (Alexander Solzhenytsin)

prepared by
M. Dudziak

A First Announcement

The ANDALUSIA ACCORD is a global gathering of many people and simultaneously a very local, physical gathering of a small group, in order to substantively create lasting and sustainable solutions to a growing set of social and interpersonal problems. It is in many ways the “inverse” of the methods associated with the famous “Camp David Accords” that were developed, in thirteen days of secret meetings, at Camp David in Maryland, USA during September of 1978. Those meetings, held by political leaders of three countries – the United States of America, Egypt and Israel – led to signatures on paper and action plans that followed, led by governments and politicians, and of these agreements, the outcome after nearly thirty-four years is a matter for serious debate. We have grave divisions among peoples across our planet, growing division, dissension, misunderstanding, and conflict, particularly among peoples who are culturally and spiritually following as their lifepaths the ways of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. These divisions and conflicts are not diminished by political measures, we see.
At the same time, we are facing global, interdependent, inseparable and long-term problems in energy, food, health, shelter, water and the very basics of living and working. We are facing a deficit that is measurable not only in financial terms but in knowledge, innovation, creativity, morality, and integrity. We face both certain and uncertain futures as individuals, families, communities, nations, and as a planetary society from Nature and from ourselves. The “old style” of selecting a few so-called experts and pundits, whether as exemplified by the Camp David meetings or by contemporary events such as the Davos conferences, or “Singularity University,” “TED,” and many other “elite” gatherings, is not creating solutions that are taking shape and turning into action, into lasting results, among large sectors of the population. In spite of our accelerated love affair with technology, that as well is not meeting the demand for change in how we think and act. A different approach is needed. That is what the ANDALUSIA ACCORD meeting and what follows, will produce.
The ANDALUSIA ACCORD is intended to bring together people from around the entire world in a gathering not merely to share views and opinions but to arrive at and to follow through with commitments and deliverables. The ACCORD is not just an agreement but anb action plan that will have the assent and commitment from thousands and even tens of thousands of persons participating virtually, online, but focused through the voices and direct face-to-face meeting of not much more than a dozen individuals. The physical coming-together in Cordoba, Spain will have one beginning date and one ending time but the greater and truly global meeting will have one beginning but no end. This is not being designed for or by governments but for and by people who are dynamic, dedicated, committed persons in communities worldwide.
Who will be the individuals meeting physically in the Mezquita in Cordoba? These persons will be drawn together, neither selected by a few, nor elected, nor coming together because of fame or fortune. They will be understood by each other and by those who participate remotely to be sincere, honest, faithful, and devoted to putting the well-being of our world ahead of their personal success and this will be clear as the wisdom of Providence works its way through the readers of this memorandum.
What are some of the actions, the results, that can be expected to emerge from the ACCORD?
We believe that certain critical paths of action must be initiated and these include two important domains – the active involvement of youth with adults, an across-all-ages movement, and activity involving science, technology, engineering and mathematics (“STEM”) that is focused upon a few particular and closely related, mutually supportive projects, but grounded – very strongly grounded – in a mutually supportive and accepting spiritual understanding. This is another point in which the ANADALUSIA ACCORD stands apart from previous programs and projects involving the STEM disciplines. We are claiming that for success in overcoming what challenges are ahead of us, using the gifts and powers of science and technology that are in our minds and hands, we must, collectively and across the globe, enable and empower each other spiritually, and that means to have unbounded respect and love for one another and our traditions, beliefs, and lifestyles.
It was mentioned already that it is especially important for students and youth from around the world to join in with each other and with their elders from many cultures and many branches of life and work. This is how we will bridge gaps and cross barriers that have now become walls, and by grounding whatever emerges in the way of educational, scientific, technical, and social projects, the keeping of a spiritual center of consciousness and attention in all such endeavors is what we believe has been missing in many other projects and what will precisely help the people coming together from the ACCORD to have the stamina, the endurance, the determination to create, to innovate, and to succeed.
Central to both the problems and their solutions are the social issues, religion, multicultural issues that are progressing to immobilize, paralyze and destroy us, and beyond which all the glittery science and technology and art as well will be no help if and when things go “over the edge.” Our approach makes extensive use of both the arts and sciences to serve addressing and overcoming some of the problems that are breaking us apart culturally and across the planet and part of that approach is through unifying people together through projects like what is in ECOADUNA, using technologies that we have completely available, at our fingertips literally, plus a few that we are bringing into the picture that will make communication, collaborating, sharing, and co-experiencing easier, simpler, and more Real.
That onsite and online activity will include contemporary arts including dance, music and visual media, and in the scientific area. Some “tech” will surely “knock the socks off” even Google and Facebook, but it also involves Energy and Space – more pragmatic and economical in some peoples’ minds than the endeavors of others with deeper pockets and much better media coverage, although we think more in terms of collaboration rather than competition.
Thus, the “Andalusia Accord” event is not just about a group of people sitting around a table and talking. It is not limited to Spain or Europe, but the special event will start in Cordoba, with a group of women and men sitting respectfully on the floor of a venerable and sacred house of worship, and from there it will spread like a wind of song across the world, by the power and grade of an omnipotent Creator and the hard work of we humans on this Earth.

Amen – Shalom – Inshallah
Whether people want to admit it or not, we are here to live a life of love doing good for each other, and ALL our troubles in our world are our opportunities to go one way or the other. On that choice, that act of free will, depends our future on this earth and for eternity.


Finally, we present this collection of short sayings by some remarkable people who were contemporaries in an era of change and transition within Europe and the Middle East, hundreds of years before our time, but clearly, these minds were “millennia ahead” of our social behaviors of today.

The Meaning of Life in Andalusia

Music is the essence of mathematics and the sciences.