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Community Portal

*** This is the general gateway for reaching the community content management system (CCMS) which is at ordo.mirnova.org/ccms and using the b2evolution software engine. ***

The MIRNOVA Academy Portal is a gateway (under construction, January, 2018) for a Community Content Management System. This will be a set of Channels, each of which will have articles, essays, and audio-visual material including webinars, podcasts, and other media, providing dialogs and discussions in addition to lectures and seminars.

All of the material on every channel will be produced by MIRNOVA Academy participants including students, mentors, advisors, and also special guests with solid and clear expertise in their fields.

** This Portal is actually an important part of the LIBRARY project work of MIRNOVA, and it is well-coupled with the resources and design of the Library. **

Among the channels within this Portal are the following:

STEM: Principally topics of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
PSED: Principally topics of psychology, society, economics, politics, and human relations.
Arts: Principally topics of the arts, humanities, and spanning all cultures and histories.
News: Principally critical analysis, review and predictions related to topics of current and recent news.
Roundtables: Dialogs and discussions among subject-matter experts on key themes and issues.
Images: Image galleries of photos, videos and graphics.
Forum: An open-ended free-form forum on many topics.
Library: Collections of articles, books and book excerpts, essays, and other media.
Links: URLs of significance on many topics.


All of the material is peer-reviewed carefully assessed for accuracy and truthfulness, in keeping with MIRNOVA’s “Prime Directive” to produce, convey, express and promote “The Truth, the Whole Truth and only the Truth” in everything, as much as is humanly and rationally possible. In our present era dominated by mega-corporate social networks and mainstream “news” that often includes extraordinary bias, exaggeration, and manipulative misinformation, MIRNOVA stands committed 100% to advancing classical logic and reasoning, truthful investigation and exposition, and saber-sharp discrimination between what is speculation, what is possible, what is likely, what is confidently real, what is solid and reliable as the sun rising and setting each day, and what is hyperbole and downright falsehood designed and intended to mislead. This is for us at MIRNOVA a requirement and obligation of paramount and utmost importance.

THE MIRNOVA PORTAL URL WILL BE OPENING SHORTLY! Thank you for your kind patience!

AS A PREVIEW and for Those Wanting to Join-In and Get Active, Go Here:

Entrance to the CCMS (Portal)

If you wish to become actively and seriously involved, then by all means contact us and let’s discuss how you can be involved in this and also other aspects of MIRNOVA’s work!

Thank you,

Our Team and Community

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