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NeoPlexus (GCM)

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NeoPlexus – advanced physics and molecular engineering focused upon design and development of a generalized, heterogeneous-architecture computing machine (GCM) employing trans-Turing computational principles and incorporating principles of topological information resonance (TIR).

The roots of NeoPlexus go back years and include the participation and work by a team of eminent scientists and engineers including Basil Hiley, Roger Penrose, David Bohm and Brian Josephson (UK), David Finkelstein, Thomas Thundat, Stuart Kauffmann, and Louis Kauffmann (USA), Larissa Briznik (UA), Lev Fadeev Igor Bogolubsky and Vladimir Arnold (RU), Gabor Vattay (HU), Laurent Nottale and Yves Couder (FR), and others. Preliminary public information may be found at this online repository. [NeoPlexus is principally a Project activity of MIRNOVA’s Institute Program (the LEAPS Lab).]

Preliminary information including some papers and presentations may be found here: NeoPlexus website.

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