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EcoVita (AgroIntel, AgriBrains, IntelErgy, IntelEco+)

*** Many new developments and updates – see recent posts, and contact us directly to learn! ***

EcoVita – Robotics, sensors, and multi-agent networks for Smart Efficient Farming (“AgroIntel” systems, and “AgriBrains” education components) and Environmental Monitoring, Protection and Preservation (“IntelEco”), focused upon the integration of multiple, cooperative robot and sensor networks including satellite and ground-based data sources for intelligent planning and operation of farms. EcoVita was a project from 2005-2014 involving Univ. of Alberta, Oak Ridge Nat’l Laboratory (USA), Vanderbilt Univ., Univ. of Virginia, and the Tribal Nations of the Canadian Northwest Territories. AgriBrains commenced in 2017 with the foundation of MIRNOVA.

*** This Project area is currently (21017-2018) the Primary Focus for MIRNOVA ACADEMY activities (and thus, no surprise, the emphasis upon robotics, sensors, networks, and information sciences).

Further information can be found in this SmartFarming Presentation (English) or this SmartFarming Presentation (Russian). [EcoVita is principally a Project activity of MIRNOVA’s Academy Program.]

For now, here is a recent update from late December, 2017:

Progress and a “cornucopeia of good harvest yield” with what is developing with the AgriBrains project, both in USA and in Europe including Russia and Morocco in Africa.
Five aspects of AgriBrains type activity
We’ll be posting a new article or two here, but mainly we have this to report:

  • Successful simulations in software and some field experiments with the UAV “swarm” sharing data during flights and making changes in flight patterns so as to reduce time, energy (battery life), and also reduce unnecessary spraying over the crops – and, happily, also avoiding collisions! )))
  • Progress on the common/universal interface for enabling users to switch different sensor units and spectrometry devices on a UAV platform and also switch between platforms
  • We have good reports from Michigan and Maryland in USA and from Barcelona in Spain and from both St. Petersburg and Chelyabinsk in Russia, from students and their teachers and mentors, on the projects they are doing, using both Lego Mindworks and Arduino processing platforms, for robots that are going to meet the challenge of moving a log through a mini-labyrinth, as part of a set of tasks pertinent to Agricultural Monitoring and Farm Land Management and also for the more exotic and remote ASTRIC Project (space-based engineering and robots).

Plus, we are planning to present papers and also give a workshop at some upcoming major conferences this coming Spring and Summer, 2018, where AgriBrains and Smart Agri-business, along with ASTRIC, will be Front-and-Center.

  • IACAS – Tel Aviv and Haifa, Israel – March 2018
  • ISCS – Tokyo, Japan – March 2018
  • CoDIT – Thessaloniki, Greece – April 2018
  • ECC – Limoussol, Cyprus – June 2018
  • ACC – Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA – June 2018

We look forward now to doing things with some new upcoming Sponsors including some from the world of agribusiness, farm equipment, food packing and distribution, and more.

(“IoT” of course = Internet of Things, and in this case, we’re talking about things that are used in serious outdoors work like plows and tractors…)

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