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ASTRIC (Space Engineering)

ASTRIC – Astro-Terrestrial Robotic Interaction and Control, focused upon the design of operating systems and cybernetics for management of heterogeneous cooperative robotic networks for use in space-based engineering tasks including asteroid operations.

ASTRIC is based with a distributed-site laboratory that has a central hub in the Aerospace Research Technology Center at South Urals State University in Chelyabinsk, Russia. Other participants include scientists at several institutions in diversified nations:

  • University of Barcelona (Spain)
  • Michigan Tech (USA)
  • Surrey and Strathclyde Universities (UK)
  • Tabriz University (Iran)
  • South Urals State University and Saint Petersburg State University (Russia)

Further information can be found in this online repository. [ASTRIC is principally a Project activity of MIRNOVA’s Institute and Academy Programs.]

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