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Communication – Academy + Partners

The Communication Program focused upon the construction and delivery of intelligence-enabling learning tools and resources including Cues and other Cubits (Knowledge Constructor Sets and Kits), as well as seminars, workshops, and colloquia, both onsite and online. In addition there are selective publications including internet social media, focused upon the S.T.E.A.M. topics of the Program and with strong emphasis upon socioeconomic issues and challenges. Material and topics are closedly linked with student and mentor Project activities and the concurrent devlopment of the LIBRARIUM Project.

The Communication activities are centered upon the publication and dissemination of information that pertains to S.T.E.A.M. topics of strong import and interest for the public and for business, academia and government, with special attention to topics and news that are considered to be “hot items” and often subject to exaggeration and pseudo-news in the mainstream media; thus there is a strong emphasis upon critical analytical thinking and the differentiation between “real” science and “so-called” science.

The main mediums for Communication are the internet (e.g., YouTube type broadcasts, from 5 min. to 1 hour in duration) and publication of articles, essays, and books, both online and in print.


Two MIR Press developments in progress:

[1] SCIENCE Communications through Consortium Engagements
MIRNOVA is partnering with Candeed Cue (Vienna, Austria) on several initiatives linked with other European STEM partners. This collaboration takes the form of joining into consortiums formed by EU-primary and other institutions including select academic, private and corporate institutions outisde of geographical and traditional Europe. The topics and sponsorships are within FET (Future Emerging Technology), Horizon 2020, Erasmus+ and related EC programmes. Candeed Cue (candeedcue.com) of Vienna Austria is the lead partner on Science Communication through the Arts. MIRNOVA is the lead partner on inter-organizational project management for the research and education components.

[2] MIRNOVA TETRAD SERIES : Publications of Seminal Research and Application
The TETRAD Series consists of four ongoing series of books being prepared for publication (in-print and online). Each volume in the series consists of an edited collection of papers and essays by several authors; the team for each volume includes specialists and generalists with primary backgrounds in different areas of science, mathematics, philosophy, and the humanities. There are four series components altogether.

Volumes in preparation, with principal themes and emphasis:

  • Mirnova Series in Fundamental and Theoretical Studies (FTS)
    Foundational Emergent Physics (Quantum Relativity Physics – QRP)
    Quantum Physics and Biology (Quantum Biology and Neuroscience – QBN)
  • Mirnova Series in Adaptive Synthetic Intelligence and Cybernetics (ASIC)
    Adaptive Synthetic Intelligence in Agriculture and Energy (EcoVita – EVA)
    Adaptive Synthetic Intelligence in Space Operations (Astro-Terrestrial Robotic Interaction and Control – ASTRIC)
  • Mirnova Series in Extreme Complex Systems (XCS)
    Psychosocioeconomic Dynamics (PSED)
    Molecular Engineering and Biocomputing (MEBC)
    Biomedical Complexity and Cybernetics (BMCC)
  • Mirnova Series in Natural Philosophy
    New Philosophical Investigations (NPI)
    Limits of Reason and Organization (LRO)
    Science, Art, and Religion (SAT)

Contact us directly with regard to all aspects: submitting papers for consideration of publication in one or more volumes, serving as an editor or reviewer, being a sponsor or patron, or purchasing future volumes as they become available.

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