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All of MIRNOVA’s mentors, advisors, and S.T.E.A.M. participants have something special and unique to offer our Sponsors and those people, companies, and institutes that wish to take advantage of

  • qualified, accurate, expertise
  • ability to work as individuals or teams
  • skills in multi-national, multi-cultural and multi-language projects
  • flexibility and adapatability
  • maturity and finesse, personal and professional

What we can provide does indeed span the breadth of the sciences and the arts.

Contact us about a task, a problem, an opportunity, a want or need, that You have, and where you truly want someone who can respond with excellence, in a timely and efficient manner, and at a reasonable price and set of contractual terms.

This is not like various social networks or like certain big, heavy, slow, and bureaucratized consulting corporations. We just Love to do the work with what we know and what we can discover and learn new, for You.

This all fits together perfectly well with the Mission of MIRNOVA and all four of our Programs. By helping You, we help our students in their projects, and vice versa, and this also goes into the slow but sure and accurate construction of our LIBRARY (about which we certainly want to tell you more.

Please remember – when we are hired by You are consultants, as subject-matter experts, as expert-witnesses, as problem-solvers, knowledge-finders and evaluators – YOU receive first-hand and up-front all the benefits of what we have already in the MIRNOVA LIBRARY.

This all gives You a Leading Edge on meeting your needs and objectives – and on winning over your competitors… )))

Music is the essence of mathematics and the sciences.