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Here are two videos, both produced btw by UAV drones, from our recent visit to the Russian State Agrarian University (RSAU-MAA) in Moscow. RSAU is the major and pre-eminent agricultural science and technology university in Russia. We have been developing the foundations for an important and lasting partnership which is going to be a big Plus now and henceforth for everything concerning EcoVita and specifically AgrIntel (AgriBrains).

This is the Russian State Agrarian University (RSAU) in Moscow, on the NW region of the metropolis. It is also known as the Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy (MAA).

One video shows the new facilities in their Advanced Technology Center with fab-labs and conference rooms, and various equipment and instrumentation.

You see Mirnova’s director, Marianna Tsepeleva, speaking and walking about with Dr. Peter Kubrushko, Director of the Center for Technology Support of Education for the university. (Sorry, but there is no audio track for this video.)

The second video is also produced by UAV drone, and it shows panorama views of parts of the university campus (not all!) – those parts with some (not all!) of the experimental fields, gardens, orchards, and other facilities used.

The university is truly “Big” and “Major” in all aspects of agri-science and agri-tech, especially the whole field of agronomics and genomic research, and yes, also in robotics and IoT for all aspects of agriculture. Moreover, they have many programs started in the area of education for all segments and types of learners – young children, teens, university-level, adult, professional, and also the teaching and training of mentors and teachers.

Video #1:
https://youtu.be/9a7zy0Wqt6c RSAU meeting

Video #2:
https://youtu.be/ie9AN6mb1uY RSAU campus, the major experimental fields and gardens

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