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Éducation et application – S.T.E.A.M. Travaux

Ceci décrit le programme «STEAM Academics» («Works») – le corps principal du travail de l’Académie: des activités axées sur l’éducation et axées sur l’application dirigées et exécutées à travers les quatre projets principaux.

S’il vous plaît lire sur les projets sur leurs pages respectives.

Education Projects are multi-age, multi-talent, multi-discipline, multi-skill. We are focusing a lot of attention on Youth, starting even in middle-school levels. Kids love to have bright, exciting, challenging and exciting things to do, to try, to learn. So do older folks, and even proficient mentors and experts can learn a lot, especially in the Human Interaction of working with others from different backgrounds, levels of education, and interests!

Please read about the PROJECTS on their respective pages:





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