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2052 Power Forums

MIRNOVA Academy is coordinating a series of unique meetings that are designed to bring together business, civic, community, and public leaders together for forum-type discussions that include talks by leading experts and specialists and the opportunities to learn, grow and profit through Dialog and Dialectic.

These are not simply one-way lecturers with some minutes for questions from the audience.

These are true seminars, dialogs, discussions, tat are facilitated and initiated by concise talks that may range from ten to thirty minutes by one or more proficient experts. Then the discussions begin, with the explicit objective of enabling people as a group of participants to share different views and to construct new ideas, new perspectives, new solutions that can be useful in their companies, universities, public agencies and departments, and in all aspects of their personal and professional lives.

We call this Series the 2052 Power Forums.

Why “2052?” Simply this: We are inspired by the issues, challenges, and forecasts made by some very well-respected experts in fields ranging from climate and environment to defense, finance, internet, population, and space – and even more critical topics for our present and future society. There is a book by the eminent scientist, Jorgen Randers, that examines forecasts for our world, looking out from 2012 (when the book was first published) to 2052 – forty years hence. Now we are six years into that window of time. We at MIRNOVA, working with students, teachers, and scientist-engineer-artist Mentors and respected Fellows all over the world, have discovered that there is, now, simultaneously:

  • a very strong interest in having direct, face-to-face seminars and workshops on these “hot items” and “critical topics”
  • a hunger and a need in people, especially successful professionals and leaders, especially in the civic, financial, and public leadership areas, for having unbiased, accurate, truthful presentation of arguments, theories, and results, and a way to “cut through” all the “fake news” and misinformation that abounds even on mainstream internet resources, much less the social networks
  • a wonderful set of venues for conducting these forums-type seminars in a few very important centers of the world, and to do so as “VIP” onsite, in-attendance events, with options for making some of the talks, discussions, and results available online for others to access
  • A very cohesive, energized, and ready Team of experts and specialists who can deliver and facilitate these events – and they can make things exciting and empowering for each and every person who attends

MIRNOVA commences the new seminar series, the 2052 POWER FORUMS, soon this year, 2018 and continuing henceforht on a regular basis.

We are going to be conducting them first and principally in Moscow, Russia, and later in other cities and special locations around the world. Each location has an excellent venue for visiting onsite attendees including convenient travel options, lodging accommodations, meals and relaxation – all the proper and necessary ingredients for creative, synergy-building, collaborative Dialog. Those participating online will have as real an experience as possible for interaction and exchange of ideas, feelings, and discoveries.

Upcoming locations and primary themes (exact dates and venues to be announced later) thus far include:

Rabat, Morocco AgriBrains-1 – Integrating Smart Farming and Energy for Optimal Growth
Chelyabinsk, Russia ASTRIC – Aerospace and Terraforming Remote Intelligence and Control
Ireland and Scotland sites AgriBrains-1 – Turning Climate Change into Crops on Earth and in Space
Tabriz, Iran AgriBrains-1 – “Lite” Robotics for Geo-Challenging Agriculture – “Growing where no man has grown before”
Fukushima, Japan AgriBrains-1 – Ultra-clean Hydroponics and Food Processing
Corinth, Greece AgriBrains-1 – Making Wine and Other Foods Smarter and Healthier
Further Upcoming Locations and Topics
Oregon, USA
Toronto, CA
Maine, USA
Granada, Spain
Russia Far East
New Zealand
Ars Bio – Unity in Diversity in Unity
ASTRIC System Control
NeoPlexus (Generalized Computing Machines)The ANDALUSIA MIR Summit

The Economics of Asteroids
Smart Pods and Mods
Visual Neurotherapies for Stroke and Brain Trauma
GCM and the Pharmaceutical Industry – how Real quantum computing is changing how medicines can be designed

Now is the time for You to learn more and get ready to be involved, as an attending participant, as a seminar leader, as a host organization.

2052 POWER FORUMS – Powerful for You and What You Do and Want to Achieve!

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