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Collaborative Work (Shared Editing)

These are and will be used in different project activities:

[1] Google Docs (with strong caveats and warnings – this and other Google-provided services are **not** for sensitive, internal, proprietary documents(!!!)

  • Simply follow the instructions and links from your colleague(s). Upload documents to one of the repositories here in accordance with defined project work policies.

[2] Etherpad – go to etherpad.net

  • Etherpad is an excellent tool for on-the-go, free-form editing and sharing and multiple formats are supported.

[3] Firepad (for collaborative coding and app development) – resources @ firepad.io

  • Firepad has more features than Etherpad and is a good choice for any project-related app development (web, iOS, Android).

[4] DMS Document Sharing (see menu item here)

  • DMS is a document sharing and archiving system developed originally for the legal profession. In the future, MIRNOVA may use the full-powered professional version of this software.

[5] Memphis Document Sharing ((WP plug-in; see menu item here)

  • This is a good general-purpose document repository – simple, straightforward.

[6] WIRIS (plug-in) and LaTeX for mathematics-intensive typesetting and formatting

[7] Open Office (and Microsoft Office) for general document preparations

  • These are academic and industrial standard.

[8] GITHUB (for code development) – go to github.com

  • This applies principally to tthe software-engineering aspects of MIRNOVA projects.

[9] Communications – team members use Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, with options as necessary for Telegram, Sentinel and Kakao Talk.

Note: Use of the following social networks for 1:1 and group messaging and videoconferencing is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, VK (and similar corporate networks).

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