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* Progress, Developments

There’s a lot going on, both sides of the Atlantic, and over in USA we have been active with many individuals and groups involved in Healthcare and Medicine, and also in Climate Action and Response, particularly. Increasingly, things are happening based upon our earlier initiatives including in EU and Russia during 2017-2018. Now there is a totally new organization (MIRNOVA Institute for Creative Science). Prior entities in Europe have been dissolved (or had never been formalized), but the Work continues and with renewed vigor by all involved!

MIRNOVA Institute for Creative Science (MICIS) is in the process of establishing a formal board of directors and executive team. We welcome your interest on all levels!

The new organization has acquired the domain, mirnova.org, and this website portal. This website here hasn’t been updated in awhile, but “patience-please!” Just contact us. Dr. D (Martin) is accessible here:

M. Dudziak, Science Mentor and Chief Librarian

+1 (231) 492-8301 (voice, sms, WhatsApp, Viber)
+1 (505) 926-1399 (internet voice line: message, alt-voice)



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