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* Q – Cue – Que – Qui – Qoin – Cubit – Qubit – Q

We are producing Cues that are many things to do with knowledge acquisition and construction. We have a lot written here and in plenty of papers and documents that you can obtain, read, and discuss. We have courses and events underway.

Now the momentum is building for something new and very special.

People want Visuals. People want and need better explanation, elucidation, Answers, about some things in STEM and not only just to “be informed” in a casual sense, althought there is absolutely nothing wrong with that in its proper time and place.

But there are wants and needs and opportunities, connected with so many things that matter deeply to people as individuals, as groups, as university teams, as companies, as communities. Questions about what really is going on in that Planck Scale of the universe that we hear called “quantum” left and right. Questions about quantum technologies of several types and sorts – information and signaling, computing, metrology, simulation. Questions about how it can turn into applications for health and medicine, for energy, for agriculture, for virtually any application where we have ever used the word “computer” or “communication.”

And questions about matters that some people used to think were only the purvey and interest-space for theoretical physicists and mathematicians and a few other supposedly “way out there” people. You know, the ones with long scraggly hair or beards talking mathematics and all those strange words like “qubit” and “superposition” and “entanglement.”

Well, we at MIRNOVA decided (when a Great Big Quantum Lightbulb lit up, all on its own, in fact – but that’s another story altogether!) – we decided to


And actually, probably a SERIES, not just one.

But they’re going to be Documentaries. But a little (or maybe a lot) different from just about any documentary that has ever been made, certainly about “Science” topics.

We don’t have a name for the first film, much less any of the others that will follow.

But the first one certainly has something to do with the letter “Q” and with quantum physics, and some very interesting New Knowledge that people have been discovering, creating, inventing and making-up. (Yes – you got that right – “making up” Knowledge. It happens, you know. All the time. Not only in science. Not only in “STEM.” But we’ll get way more into all of that in the films. The movies. The documentaries that will also have Action characters and Heroes and Heroines in some Cool Adventures. Way Down there in the Q-space, and Way Up there in the Cosmos. It’s all quite connected, you know.

We like to say, it’s all Unified, in fact. Unified, Invariant. “Quantum” and “Relativity” and everything that comes along with that.

Seriously. Totally seriously, clearly, accurately, and coherently. That’s the way everything should be in communications, Science and Technology included, absolutely.

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