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* What YOU receive and gain by Helping & Supporting Us

It’s simple, direct, easy, and good.

You gain something personally, or as a company or institution, when you are helping and supporting MIRNOVA.

  • Either directly, financially, through contributions, gifts, endowments, or contracts such as for consulting services, or to purchase products commercialized through MREV – Mirnova (r)Evolution Ventures, the business-arm of the organization-family
  • — OR —-
  • When you help us by opening the doors to those who can and will, through contracts, grants, contributions, and other forms of support to either the Academy, Foundation or Institute (all of which are not-for-profit entities) or MREV (which is a for-profit company ready for investment partners and stakeholders).

DETAILS: Contact Us and Find Out! Let’s Discuss What You Like, Want, Need, Wish, and Can Do!

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