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* More photos @ Image Galleries (see Resources)

Some of our very own UAV for inspection and monitoring, capable of multiple sensors and quick changes and reconfiguration. We are making this and other devices sensible, usable, and affordable for basically Everyone, with really sensible economics and financing developed. We share in what People Produce! And more people can afford Smart Farming and Smart Energy technology than ever before – the world over!

Plus photos from a recent Agricultural Conference and Exhibition where we were present, in Meknes, Morocco, and a reminder of the close partnering between nations that is making a bigger difference because the Focus is on Peace and Production and Cooperation.

And a schematic rendering of S-Water, the primary module in AgroIntel, for Intelligent Irrigation. More powerful than it appears. Simpler than others that purport to do similar things. And more affordable. And, it Learns as time goes on! Day by day, week by week, season by season, year by year. It has its own built-in SYINT (Synthetic Intelligence) agent – and THIS IS REALLY SMART AND COOL!

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