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* A note about our pages, posts, and translations here

We are doing our best to keep up with all that’s going on.

Hopefully soon we will have more Support from folks like you and corporations and agencies who have been expressing deepening serious interest in everything MIRNOVA is doing.

Hopefully very soon we will have some more folks helping with their programming, web design, and graphics media skills.

Until that time, we hustle-and-bustle as best as we can.

Right now, the ENGLISH version of this website, the ENGLISH pages and posts, are the Most Updated, Most Accurate, and the ones that contain a lot about NEW developments, changes, especially with respect to different Projects and the main Programs and organizational Components.

We are determined and committed to straightening out all the texts for other important languages, and to soon add a few more, including ARABIC.


And please contact us if you can assist in any reasonable ways, especially with Putting the Word Out, Worldwide, to anyone and everyone who can be relevant and Supportive for THE WORK.

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