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* A New (Renaissance) Philosophy of Accurate Communication, Truthful Education, Open Research

The title of this post states in one phrase what MIRNOVA is all about our raison d’etre, why we exist and work, and what Is our Work.

There are some short essays we are producing – one of them will be coming out soon, entitled


Cues and Cubits as Keys to a Restoration and Renaissance in Education, Training, Discovery and Innovation.

This “goes against the grain” of how things have been happening in mainstream-anything – academia, government, big-business, establishment research, and the kind of thinking and practice that almost kept Columbus and others from being able to venture forth and discover that, in fact, the world was round and that other people and entire civilizations lived exactly where the pundits and “experts” said that we would all fall off the edge into Oblivion.

This “goes against the grain” of the thinking that led to Vico and many others being burned at the stake, and had Galileo imprisoned, tortured and almost murdered by an Establishment deathly and desperately afraid of Any Kind of Different Thinking, especially if it could lead to a Different Truth.

This “goes against the grain” of what is dominating our world through censored and tweaked and constrained and artificially ordered information and censored knowledge in search engines like Google and in what people get to see – are allowed to see and read – on Facebook, LinkedIn, and elsewhere.

Here are three “philosophical” pieces. Short, to the point. These were written several years ago (one consists of writings from over 700 years ago!), before our world took a series of turns from which we at MIRNOVA are committed, dedicated, to doing something to change, to set straight, to fix and to do Better.




I dedicate the reading of these, and the thoughts that can follow, to people like:

Alan Turing

Buckminster Fuller

Alfred North Whitehead

Lisa Meitner

Marie Curie

Galileo Galilei

Giordano Bruno

Nicolaus Copernicus

The Scholars of the Bayt al Hikma (House of Wisdom) in Baghdad

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