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* A New (Renaissance) Philosophy of Accurate Communication, Truthful Education, Open Research

The title of this post states in one phrase what MIRNOVA is all about our raison d’etre, why we exist and work, and what Is our Work.

There are some short essays we are producing – one of them will be coming out soon, entitled


Cues and Cubits as Keys to a Restoration and Renaissance in Education, Training, Discovery and Innovation.

This “goes against the grain” of how things have been happening in mainstream-anything – academia, government, big-business, establishment research, and the kind of thinking and practice that almost kept Columbus and others from being able to venture forth and discover that, in fact, the world was round and that other people and entire civilizations lived exactly where the pundits and “experts” said that we would all fall off the edge into Oblivion.

This “goes against the grain” of the thinking that led to Vico and many others being burned at the stake, and had Galileo imprisoned, tortured and almost murdered by an Establishment deathly and desperately afraid of Any Kind of Different Thinking, especially if it could lead to a Different Truth.

This “goes against the grain” of what is dominating our world through censored and tweaked and constrained and artificially ordered information and censored knowledge in search engines like Google and in what people get to see – are allowed to see and read – on Facebook, LinkedIn, and elsewhere.

Here are three “philosophical” pieces. Short, to the point. These were written several years ago (one consists of writings from over 700 years ago!), before our world took a series of turns from which we at MIRNOVA are committed, dedicated, to doing something to change, to set straight, to fix and to do Better.




I dedicate the reading of these, and the thoughts that can follow, to people like:

Alan Turing

Buckminster Fuller

Alfred North Whitehead

Lisa Meitner

Marie Curie

Galileo Galilei

Giordano Bruno

Nicolaus Copernicus

The Scholars of the Bayt al Hikma (House of Wisdom) in Baghdad

* A note about our pages, posts, and translations here

We are doing our best to keep up with all that’s going on.

Hopefully soon we will have more Support from folks like you and corporations and agencies who have been expressing deepening serious interest in everything MIRNOVA is doing.

Hopefully very soon we will have some more folks helping with their programming, web design, and graphics media skills.

Until that time, we hustle-and-bustle as best as we can.

Right now, the ENGLISH version of this website, the ENGLISH pages and posts, are the Most Updated, Most Accurate, and the ones that contain a lot about NEW developments, changes, especially with respect to different Projects and the main Programs and organizational Components.

We are determined and committed to straightening out all the texts for other important languages, and to soon add a few more, including ARABIC.


And please contact us if you can assist in any reasonable ways, especially with Putting the Word Out, Worldwide, to anyone and everyone who can be relevant and Supportive for THE WORK.

* More photos @ Image Galleries (see Resources)

Some of our very own UAV for inspection and monitoring, capable of multiple sensors and quick changes and reconfiguration. We are making this and other devices sensible, usable, and affordable for basically Everyone, with really sensible economics and financing developed. We share in what People Produce! And more people can afford Smart Farming and Smart Energy technology than ever before – the world over!

Plus photos from a recent Agricultural Conference and Exhibition where we were present, in Meknes, Morocco, and a reminder of the close partnering between nations that is making a bigger difference because the Focus is on Peace and Production and Cooperation.

And a schematic rendering of S-Water, the primary module in AgroIntel, for Intelligent Irrigation. More powerful than it appears. Simpler than others that purport to do similar things. And more affordable. And, it Learns as time goes on! Day by day, week by week, season by season, year by year. It has its own built-in SYINT (Synthetic Intelligence) agent – and THIS IS REALLY SMART AND COOL!

* Ten-Point Plan: What Partners, Sponsors, Supporters, Receive

Go to this link and read the PDF:

MIRNOVA Board, Partner, Sponsor, Investor, National Government Agency Plan — what our partners and supporters receive for aiding and enabling us in The WORK

This is straight and to the point. It gives you an understanding of the answers to that perennial question, “What’s in it for me (us)?”

* Mirnova Ubuntu Manifesto

Go to this link and read the PDF:


And “No, this is not something about the Ubuntu operating system, although we love that, too!” )))

This is about our Projects and our Focus and the special place in all that for several partner institutions, communities, and regions of the world.

We Start Everything in AFRICA! Where our Human Race toward Civilization and Intelligence, and our wonderment about the stars and heavens and what everything means, Began… So long (nor not so long
!) ago.

This is a short and important document that everyone should read and contemplate.

* What YOU receive and gain by Helping & Supporting Us

It’s simple, direct, easy, and good.

You gain something personally, or as a company or institution, when you are helping and supporting MIRNOVA.

  • Either directly, financially, through contributions, gifts, endowments, or contracts such as for consulting services, or to purchase products commercialized through MREV – Mirnova (r)Evolution Ventures, the business-arm of the organization-family
  • — OR —-
  • When you help us by opening the doors to those who can and will, through contracts, grants, contributions, and other forms of support to either the Academy, Foundation or Institute (all of which are not-for-profit entities) or MREV (which is a for-profit company ready for investment partners and stakeholders).

DETAILS: Contact Us and Find Out! Let’s Discuss What You Like, Want, Need, Wish, and Can Do!

* The MIRNOVA Prospectus

This is a concise statement of mission and purpose for the whole MIRNOVA organizational family. It gives a clear explanation of the different components and our work.

MIRNOVA Prospectus

Mirnova Organizational Family - High-Level View
Mirnova Organizational Family – High-Level View

Music is the essence of mathematics and the sciences.