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* Welcome New Board, Mentors, Students, Sponsors, Volunteers, Networkers!

So here we all are in 2018. The first month is almost over. Soon it will be Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere!).

As you can see, there is a lot of activity within and by MIRNOVA. This website is an example of what is a great Opportunity for you to join in and participate. Obviously it is in a beginning-state with structure and form, but the pages, especially all those in other languages besides English, need loads of help in editing and rewriting. That’s where You can get involved, in one or several capacities.

Next, there are the basic infrastructure tasks, duties, and creative fun-stuff. We are looking for high-energy, serious-minded, commitment-capable Persons to be members of:

  • Board of Directors
  • Community (Guild) of Mentors and Fellows (including our special Board of Advisors)
  • Community of Participants – students, learners, co-creators, co-discovers, co-innovators
  • Sponsors and Supporters

We especially want to meet people who, in-person and on-site or remotely, can and want to get involved in the PROJECTS, bringing their own ideas, initiatives, and inputs into what we have established as a foundation-platform.

And yes, again, we want people who like to draw, paint, write, and who can help with COMMUNICATIONS – especially:

  • to EDIT the website, and helping to correct the Russian, German, Spanish, and actually start the Chinese versions of the site
  • To PRODUCE – with journalistic and camera talents – YouTube videos and other audiovisual Media which are Short Lectures, Talks, Discussions, Seminars on a variety of topics (as described on pages within this website)
  • to CONNECT and INTRODUCE us to the Great and Excellent Right Persons in Your Worlds

Thank you, immensely!


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