Introduction to MIRNOVA

Introduction to MIRNOVA, its Programs, Projects, and People

Opportunities for individuals and organizations in short-term and long-term capacities

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[Updates here 17.May.2019; this English text supersedes all other non-EN website variants and any other texts, documents or references online or otherwise, from before May, 2019]

MIRNOVA has transformed and changed in 2019.  In this process, there is now MIRNOVA Institute for Creative and Innovative Science, and it is a component of The TETRAD Institutes.  This is a new organization in the formal (legal, corporate) sense and it has acquired intellectual properties and projects (and the internet web domain, from previous entities that had been set up in prior years.

Previous entities and programs (Mirnova Academy and Institute, Mirnova Foundation, etc.) were unincorporated programs in the European Union and Russian Federation.  What you now find here is New and yet it includes many of the same programs, projects, and people.

MIRNOVA focuses upon projects in certain interdisciplinary S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics)  areas, and the sponsorship and support thereof, and its work spans education and research. In these capacities MIRNOVA is engaged principally in projects that are also involving other components of The TETRAD Institutes (PRIMUS, ASTRA and OASIS Institutes) and wherein the main activities are of a research nature.

MIRNOVA aspires to integrate aspects of education, research, and communication along with a unique approach to knowledge preservation and innovation (known as the LIBRARIUM).

[remainder from the May 2018 text; please note that there may be references to program/project activities that are now contained primarily within the other TETRAD components (PRIMUS, ASTRA, OASIS)]

Our Programs involve different analytical specialties as well as multi-disciplinary synthesis within the arts and sciences. The Programs are conducted in the form of Projects that each have a broad focus and a particular set of long-term objectives, and which incorporate and utilize highly-coupled short-term activities. The broad-span focus is in what we term “socially critical and sustainable S.T.E.A.M.” (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics). The specific-target focus within the Projects ranges from robotics and engineering systems for agriculture, environment and space applications (“EcoVita” and “ASTRIC”), to creative human-machine interactive works in the fine arts (“Ars Bio”), to advanced research in complex, emergent, adaptive systems and new forms of computing, intelligence and control (“NeoPlexus”).

Our approach is quite unique in how we conduct this work and how we provide opportunities for people of diverse and even unexpected and improbable talents to achieve their goals and in the process aid in the production of excellent and practical ideas and products. Work on the intricate “mosaic” of these Projects involves a community of individuals and groups who have complementary diversities in background, culture, and experience, all of which contributes to the “synergy” required in each Project activity within the Academy’s Programs.

The MIRNOVA community of participants works on structured component-tasks that each contribute to a greater whole, leading to the advancement of each individual participant’s learning and personal development. As individuals and as teams, everyone learns, works, contributes, shares, and teaches together. They are facilitated in their studies, investigations, experiments, and productions (some of which can and do become successful entrepreneurial, commercial ventures), by a select team of expert specialists. These are the Mentors and senior-experience Fellows. As a community of experts they bring interdisciplinary, multi-cultural, multi-industry and maturity talent and experience to the Mirnova participant community.

Mirnova bases its methods upon a historical model of learning, mastery and sharing of knowledge that derives from many sound and proven examples throughout history, ranging from the academies of ancient Greece to the Guilds of Renaissance Europe. The Academy brings together youth who are attending middle-school, high-school, and university, with and post-graduate students, faculty members, and persons working in corporate, public-sector, academic and private environments. Thus, the life-cycle of a Mirnova Project includes opportunities to accept, develop and advance persons through student, intern, apprenticeship, journeyman and master levels of experience and personal/team development, in the process of which real “S.T.E.A.M.” accomplishments are achieved that are of value to the greater community, society, and civilization.

The Foundation sustains both the Academy and select outstanding students, mentors and others pursuing outstanding and practical goals. Together we learn, share in imaginations, discoveries, mistakes and accomplishments. Together we invent and innovate, we experiment and test, we validate and prove. Together we build things for internal and personal growth and actualization, and for social preservation, rejuvenation and sustainability.

We invite you to learn about us and what we are doing. There are resources now on the internet, and while many of these are seemingly in early stages of work and presentation, with a large body of work ahead within editing and organizing materials, we invite you to explore. Our website and other internet resources are designed “top-down” from the whole into the details. We have built a strong, resilient infrastructure including those resources for information and communication management. The “edifice” of our information tools are like the steel and concrete structures which, following hard labor by many workers adhering to a refined and systematic design plan, become beautiful and sturdy skyscrapers, stadiums, bridges and cathedrals.

We do not create buildings of stone and mortar or of steel and concrete, but ours are built with and for mind and spirit. We invite you to learn about us and what we do, all aspects of our work. We invite you to consider how you may fit into the world of Mirnova as an active participant – in a capacity of learner, mentor, staff-member, board-member, or as a friend and supporter through many different channels and capabilities.

Mirnova is, ultimately and fundamentally, for you, quite personally. Mirnova exists for your family and friends, in this generation and extending into future generations. Join with us to build edifices of the mind, heart, spirit and body, for a more wholesome and fulfilling Future for us all.

Martin Joseph Dudziak, Chief Librarian

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